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Freedom of Expression in the Arab World: Taboos are falling under the hammer of independent press
By: Ibrahim Nawar Chief Executive, Arab Press Freedom Watch (APFW) Freedom of expression has become one of the hottest political issues in the Arab world in the last few years. Forces for political reform have recognised that no such a reform can take place without opening up the media system in eac Read more

APFW Condemns the Bombing of Alarabiya TV Office in Gaza
On the late hours of 22nd January, an explosion rocked the offices of Alarabiya satellite channel in Gaza. The explosion resulted in total destruction of the office and some nearby offices and buildings. No casualties recorded as employees had adopted high safety measures as they received a lot of t… more

Egyptian Press 2006: Less Freedom and More Violations
Cairo- 21-01-2007: Violations of freedom of expression in Egypt are on the increase and Egyptian journalists are slowly loosing their professional independence. State controlled newspapers are suffering from heavy debts, bad management, weak… more

More Press Freedom Violation Recorded in Yemen
Sana’a- 21-01-2007: A new report about freedom of the press in Yemen has recorded an increasing number of violations during the year 2006 comparing with the previous year. Yemeni government was praised last year by the US administration for its effort… more

First Libel Suit against Bloggers in Malaysia Raises Concern in Asia
Malaysia- 19-01-2007: The Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) views with grave concern a landmark suit in Malaysia filed on 4 January 2007 by a major news group and its top executives against two bloggers for “defamation” and “malicious falsehoods”… more

APFW Condemn the Closure of Aljazeera Office And 3 Independent Radio Stations and in Somalia
Mogadishu- 15-01-2007: The Interim Government of Somalia has ordered the closure of three independent radio stations in Mogadishu and instructed also the closure of Aljazeera office in the Somali capital. Arab Press Freedom Watch (APFW) is condemning the move and ask the Somali government to reconsi… more

Bahrain: Young divorcee is threatened for speaking out against Sharia courts, politicized judges and the lack of a personal status law
Manama (Bahrain) 14-01-2007: A young divorcee has been abused and threatened for speaking out against Sharia courts, the Ministry of Interior, politicized judges and the lack of a personal status law. A 29-year-old divorcee in Bahrain has been receiving death threats and anonymous phone calls after … more

Burma: Military Junta Releases Two Journalists
Nebedu-08-01-2007:The Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) welcomes the early release of journalists Thaung Tun and Than Win Hlaing on 3 January 2007 after six years of imprisonment by the Burmese military junta. The two were among 2,831… more

Philippines: Reporter arrested for libel
Philippines-4-1-2007: A reporter in Pampanga, a province 80km north of Manila, was arrested on 19 December 2006 for libel…. more

Mogadishu Media Representatives Appeal to Somali Government to “Guarantee Freedom of Press and Protect Media Practitioners”
Mogadishu -3-1-2007: The mainstream of Mogadishu Media of news media outlets and press freedom organizations cooperatively voiced today enormous concern about the worsening press freedom situation in the country as violations against media freedom reached highest level in 2006 for a decade…. more

Somalia: Independent Newspaper Attacked, Its Personnel Detentined
Mogadishu- 3-1-2007: The National Union of Somali Journalists is today ondemning the attack of the headquarters of an independent daily newspaper, Haatuf, in Hargeisa, Somaliland, and the subsequent arrest of its personnel…. more

2006 Bad Year for Freedom of Expression in Somalia
Mogadishu- 27-12-2006: The state of freedom of expression has worsened in Somalia according to the new annual report issued by The National Union of Somali journalists (NUSOJ) The number of reported cases of violation of freedom of expression has increased by more than 30% in 2006 comparing to the year before. This… more

CNBC Arabiya in Dispute with Sacked Staffs
Dubai- 23-12-2006: Dubai Media City officials have said that they will try to mediate between terminated employees of CNBC Arabiya and the company’s management. Thirty-nine employees of the 24-hour Arabic business channel told 7DAYS that they were sacked two weeks ago for no apparent reason…. more

Cambodian Authorities Urged to Investigate Traffic Accident Involving Radio Journalist
Cambodia-22-12-2006: The Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) is concerned that Cambodian authorities are not investigating an apparent traffic accident that has left a journalist of Radio Free Asia, Sok Serei, in critical condition…. more

Intelligence Service Arrest Radio Journalist, Somali Journalists Strongly Denounce
Mogadishu-4-12-2006: The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) is today strongly denouncing the arrest of Journalist Abdiaziz Mohamud Guled, widely known Africa, who was arrested in northeastern town of Bossasso by the Puntland… more

Middle East Media Sustainability Index Available Online Discussion of Prospects for Media Reform to be held November 28
WASHINGTON, DC -20-11-2006- The first Middle East and North Africa Media Sustainability Index (MENA MSI) is now available online at The MENA MSI provides the only comprehensive… more

Journalists Arrested in Southwest Somalia
Mugadishu-24-10-2006: Militias loyal to the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia arrested three journalists Tuesday morning (24 Oct. 06) in Daynunay village of Bay region which is 15km out of Baidoa, the seat of the Transitional government…. more

Cambodia’s AFEC wants UNTAC law on criminal disinformation abolished
Cambodia-20-10-2006: Following recent cases of criminal disinformation suits by high-ranking Government officials, the Alliance for Freedom of Expression in Cambodia (AFEC) is demanding for the abolition of Article 62 of the UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) Penal Code which concerns criminal disinformation…. more

APFW and NUSOJ Condemn Burning Copies of a Daily Newspaper in Somaliland
Mogadishu- 17-10-2006: Angry crowd in Buro town of Somaliland openly took to the streets and burned more than a thousand copies of Haatuf Daily Newspaper on Friday 13 October 2006. The coowed that was mobilized by Muslim clerics accused the newspaper of unfair reporting on the issues relating to Mog… more

Arrest warrant out for Philippine newspaper publisher and journalists
Philippines- 17-10-2006: Acting on libel suits filed by Jose Miguel Arroyo, husband of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, a local court on 16 October 2006 issued warrants of arrest for a national newspaper publisher and several of the newspaper’s staff members, as well as a former senator in Manila…. more

Outcry in Malaysia as political pressure forces retraction of economic report
Malaysia- 16-10-2006: The Writers Alliance for Media Independence (WAMI) and the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) condemn the strong-arm tactics applied by Government leaders, politicians and businessmen to the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) and its Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) to withdraw CPPS’ contentious report on the New Economic Policy (NEP)… more

Radio Station closed down, “Injustice has ended, and media freedom will not be violated” says the Islamic Courts Council
Mogadishu- 16-10-2006: East Africa Radio in Mogadishu was closed down on Sunday 15 October, around 7 o’clock by the Islamic Courts Council (ICC) according to Mohamed Mohamud Moallim of the Radio…. more

Groups urge police to refrain from media interference, want public apology
Malaysia- 9-10-2006: The following is a 6 October 2006 media statement by Malaysia’s CIJ and Writers Alliance for Media Independence (WAMI) Don’t interfere in the media… more

Somali Islamic Courts Close Down Private Radio Station
Mogadishu-28-09-2006: Forces loyal to Islamic Courts Council closed down Substation of HornAfrik Radio in Kismayu today evening at around 18hrs local time. The gunmen with several battlewagons entered the building of the substation, and they ordered to shut down and give in the keys, said Nasteh Dah… more

Thai Journalists Demand Media Protection in Interim Constitution
Thailand-27-09-2006: A group of Thai media organizations has issued an open letter to the military rulers demanding protection for the media in the interim Constitution that will take effect on 3 October 2006. The group consists of the Press Council of Thailand, the Confederation of Thai Journalists, the Thai Journalists Association and the Thai Broadcast Journalists Associations…. more

Stop military intervention against press freedom in Thailand
Thailand- 27-09-2006: The development after a military coup on 19 September 2006 in Thailand is apparently getting worse. A series of policies issued by the military administration, which calls itself the Council for Democratic Reform under Constitutional Monarchy (CDRM) has clearly threatened civilian freedoms and fundamental rights in a democratic community. The military junta has arbitrarily revoked the basic rights… more

APFW Calls for the Release of the Remaining Beirut-Damascus Declaration Detainees
Arab Press Freedom Watch (APFW) congratulates the three Beirut-Damascus prisoners who were released yesterday. Mahmoud Eissa, Khalil Hussein, and Sleiman Shommar were among 10 activists arrested for signing the Beirut-Damascus declaration, which calls for reforming the relations between Syria and Le… more

AJI regrets Press Law not used in Teguh Santosa’s case
Indonesia-25-09-2006: The following is a 20 September 2006statement from AJI, SEAPA’s member based in Indonesia: On 20 September, the South Jakarta District Court made a preliminary decision against the executive editor of “Rakyat Merdeka Online” Teguh Santosa. In their ruling, the judicial panel ag… more

Local government units in Thailand banned from political activities
Thailand- 25-09-2006: The ruling military in Thailand has banned political activities of Tambon (a local government unit) and provincial administrative organisations following reports that some had tried to organise rallies against the military in northern and northeast Thailand…. more

Iraq: Al Shahid al Mustaqel Stops Publishing in Response to Governmental Practices
Baghdad- 24- 09- 2006: Journalists of al Shahid al Mustaqel newspaper decided to suspend the publication after two arrest orders against their editor in chief Saad al Aousy. In statements he made to APFW, al Aousy said he wishes that the suspension will only be temporary. “By God’s will we will start publishing once more … this… more

Yemen: Threatening and Harassment of Journalists Continues
Sana’aa- 22- 09- 2006: Harassments against journalists in Yemen is still on the rise. Samiah al Aghby, journalist at al Wahdawy newspaper, received various threats and insults after she faxed to her newspaper an article about electoral violations…. more




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